Lifestyle & Culture Researcher

Diving deep into cultures, people and lifestyles to figure out what unwritten rules they live by. That what makes them unique, what is natural to them but new and exceptional to an outsider. Asking the right questions, spending time with people and exploring who they are.

Generation Z is where most of my expertise and knowledge lies. I’ve researched them in numerous ocasions around multiple topics and for many purposes.

See my work page for previous projects I’ve worked on.

Recruitment & Casting

Finding people, the right people. Interesting, opinionated, with an amazing sense of style, knows what is happening in the world, has knowledge of trends etc. Aspirational people can give great vision of what a brand or company could and should do or why people do what they do.

Recruiting or casting through my extensive network, always looking for different angles to find te right person and apply my gut intuition. It is key in conducting great research and getting inspiring insights, finding creatives to co-create with or models with the rigth look and attitude.

Sportswear, Sneakers & Streetwear

Over 4 years of experience in working with multiple sports(wear), sneakers and lifestyle brands. Plus a huge personal passion for the industry and its culture. I’m open for any consulting work regarding these topics and have a big network with people from all across West-Europe. See the photo above of me taking part in the Sneakerness panel.

I love to connect with people and am always open to grab a coffee and talk about sneakers, people, subcultures and cities. Iโ€™m currently based in Rotterdam and ready for new adventures.