Consumer, culture and lifestyle research and strategy projects I’ve worked on freelance or during my time at This Memento.

Hedone Apparel

Rotterdam streetwear culture and lifestyle target group research

Freelance project

Rotterdam based brand Hedone wanted to get more of an insight into its cities young streetwear culture and lifestyle enthusiasts.
By asking them to fill in an extensive survey and moodboards visualising Rotterdams streetwear culture and lifestyle scene.

This resulted in consumer insights and trends which helped the brand marketing, content creation and insight into what is happening in the world of their consumers.

Moodboard by consumer

Reebok MYT

Helping Reebok inspire & create a new, younger and outspoken lifestyle line.

To get a better understanding of the streetwear and lifestyle culture in Liverpool I followed 4 consumers for 6 months and dug deep into their city; Liverpool.

These 4 bold, creative and expressive people provided us with insight to help create, inspire and feed the Spring Summer 2021 collection for a new younger line with more attitude from Reebok called Meet You There (MYT).
This helped the designers get a better understanding of who they are targeting, what they should design and how the city of Liverpool is developing. 

To read more about my discoveries and Liverpool go to my blog about the city:

6 Months of ongoing qualitative research:
Cultural, lifestyle and city research
Sample reviews
Ethnographic deep dives
City Mapping

Moderation & Deep Dives

Interviewing, moderating a focus group or diving deep into someones life from dusk till dawn, to really get to know someone.

Consumer, Culture & Lifestyle Research

Researching a target group/culture by various methodologies which uncovers the (un)written rules they live by.

Product Design Direction

Based on research coming up with consumer input and trend based product design, concept and collection direction.

Brand Strategy

Actionable results translated into brand strategies, whether that is brand, marketing, or retail.

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