Consumer/Culture/Lifestyle Researcher.

I’m a consumer connector. Whether it’s connecting a brand with a consumer, people with one another, or an artist with a stylist; building relationships is what I love most. I strongly believe that people should be the focus of any creative endeavour and discovering what they want and need through speaking with them is my favourite thing to do. I believe that everyone has valuable insights and appreciate everyones opinion, even if I don’t agree.


In 2016 I graduated International Lifestyle Studies (BSc.) as a trendwatcher and concept developer and graduated with a thesis on the Dutch female sneaker culture. After graduation I started working as a qualitative researcher and brand strategist at This Memento. We conduct consumer/lifestyle and culture research. I work mainly on projects about the sportswear, sneaker and streetwear culture. We are fortunate to work for some of the biggest brands (like Nike, Reebok, Foot Locker, Jordan and Hema) creating retail, brand, product and purpose strategies. We do research all over Europe (sometimes USA) – I am most active in Paris, London, Berlin and Liverpool.


From a young age I knew what I wanted – and how I wanted it. I’m a humble, strong willed and colourful person (always with some vivid sneakers on my feet). I think quickly on my feet and like to connect dots. Thanks to my dyslexia I have developed strong visual skills. 

Sneakers and its culture are, and have been, my thing since – I’m very active in the scene. I’ve written blogs for Versheid, Sneaker Essentials and as well as on my own platform.  In May 2019 I participated in a panel discussion at Sneakerness and I currently create content for sneaker related products.

I love to connect with people and am always open to grab a coffee and talk about sneakers, people, subcultures and cities. I’m currently based in Rotterdam and ready for new adventures.

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