Liverpool – Scouse City

With the Corona Virus in full effect and being locked in the house for at least 2 more months, this feels like the perfect opportunity to express myself again on my Footprint.

Kicking off with my countless visits to Liverpool over the past few months. Over the course of 7 months, I’ve been visiting Liverpool every month. While I was there I was researching the Liverpudlian culture, and meeting up with 4 young creative to see how they live their lives, what they value and want and need of a new apparel line from Reebok. Of course, I can’t share to much detail but I can share some pictures I have taken along the way.


Liverpool is a super nice, friendly and creative city. If you know where to go to! The creative scene is still emerging and hidden. You can literally find a cool expo, bar or coffee place behind a closed door. As a starting point, you can never go wrong with visiting Bold Street, countless cool coffee places, good restaurants, and amazing vintage stores. My favorite coffee places were Bold Street Coffee (BSC) and Mother (just behind Bold street). For the best vintage finds you definitely need to go to Soho’s (bought an amazing Looney Tunes sweater there for my boyfriend) or Blast from the past (found a super cool vintage cyclist tee here). To support your locals and find the new and creative area, walk down towards The Baltic Triangle. On your way stop at The Merchant (BEST PIZZA!) and ring the bell inside to be able to go upstairs and see the Lost Art shop, a local skate brand from Liverpool. In the Baltic Triangle, I liked to visit Seven a lot and go for a coffee and a treat to the Baltic Bakehouse. And dinner and drinks at the Baltic Market! Perfect day if I may say so. The next day visit Tate Liverpool, one of the best museums I’ve visited!

I truly felt very at home in Liverpool, it is such a relaxed city and the people are so friendly! But it also has a lot of history in being THE fashion capital of the country during the 70s and 80s.

So If you ever wanna go to the UK, but not to the crowdedness of London and still cheap flights, go Liverpool!

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