Berlin: Inside

The first trip of 2017 has been made! Like last year I’ve visited Berlin Fashion Week and all of my favourite shops in this amazing city.
I’ve made a lot of pictures and that’s why I divided my latest Berlin adventure in two posts. The exterior and interior of buildings. In this post I will show you interiors; Sneakerevent Solemart, some shops, tradeshows and train station Alexanderplatz.

Since a couple of months the new Sneakersnstuff store opened in Berlin. The store opened in a former club and it is safe to say that they turned it into an amazing shopping concept. The store has several elements of sneakers and brands integrated into its interior. The iconic swoosh is used in many places, for example in the seats of chairs and as a pattern in lamps. The store has many different spaces each used for a different brands and elements. And the best thing about the whole store is that they used a really big space for girls!

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