Reigning Champ x Mint Soles

So hopefully winter is almost over. I’m super ready for spring to arrive and to wear skirts with bare legs. However I genuinely love wearing sweaters. Sometimes when I’m struggling with what I want to wear (which basically happens everyday) I discover something that I haven’t seen, noticed or worn in a while. Yesterday I had one of those moments. I spotted my Asics x Reigning Champ sweater, which I bought last year at the end of the winter. So I didn’t really have the chance to wear it last year, besides that the sweater is really long and I didn’t really know how I felt about wearing legging with it. Yesterday I just went with it; I wanted to wear a comfortable outfit but don’t look too sloppy. With the geometric printed leggings and Asics Mint Soles the sweater looked dressed and sophisticated.

The Asics x Reigning Champ sweater is made of great quality and has special little details. The sides of the sweater are made of a different more stretchy material and the bottom has a double fabric, which is turned inside out so you see a difference because of the reversed weave. The logo’s are minimalistic and not to big and outstanding.

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