First Instapump

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to become less brand loyal. My collection mainly exists of Nike and Asics, but I want to try out more different silhouettes, brands and cushioning. Last week I’ve bought my first pair of Instapumps and I have to admit; they are amazing! You know you’ve copped a good pair when every time you look down at your feet a smile appears on your face.

It took some time for me to find the perfect Instapump. I’ve tried them on many times, seen numerous good colorways and collaborations but never really took the plunge. This pair is straight up fire and a collab with one of my favourite stores 1st OG (Titolo). 1st OG is a shop in shop at Titolo Zurich with more high fashion products.
De sneaker is clean just like the store itself with so many cool details and the beige blue colors make it a perfect sneaker for spring!

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