Sneaker Challenge

Keeping your sneaker rotation fresh, divers and interesting is one of the hardest parts of loving kicks. I want to treat them like equals and give them all the time and love they deserve, but that is more difficult then you would think.
Last year I saw a girl on Instagram who challenged herself to wear a different pair of sneakers everyday for a whole month. I thought it was such a good idea and wanted to try is myself! So my best friend and me started the challenge in the month July, which wasn’t the most convenient month to choose since we were going on a city trip and had a sneaker event at the end of the month. This meant that we had to save up pairs to wear later on.

I got many responses from people who were following my challenge on Social Media. All in all it was really nice to wear older pairs again and I can recommend it for everyone! Even tough it was quit frustrating at the end!

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