Female Sneakerheads Research

Within the sneaker culture the number of participating women is increasing hugely. I noticed that the group females taking part in this male subculture was growing a lot, but that the market and society weren’t really paying attention to them.

Many things are going on in this new (sub)culture. In Facebook groups such as The Basement a lot of women are not feeling complety appreciated or welcome. So they take matter into their own hands and create their own Facebook groups, blogs, Instagrams etc.

I wanted to know and discover what these sneakerloving women want, need and who they are. So I’ve started a research. I’ve investigated things such as the unisex movement, female sneakerheads and the current state of the fashion industry.
With all of these results I developed a concept to give the women more attention and I’ve created a subculture, which contains these women.

For more information please feel free to contact me.


Sources of the pictures: Girl On Kicks, Public PR, Stussy

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