Indonesia & Thailand – People

When you’re traveling you meet a lot of people. From all over the world, with so many different stories and backgrounds. I’ve learned so much about other people and where they came from.

It’s really weird meeting all those people. At that moment, during traveling they are your family, your best friends and after the days, weeks months you spend with them they turn into memories. Most of the people you met, you’ll never see again. Which is strange. I’ve spend so many beautiful, crazy and amazing moments with these people and now we are just Facebook friends.

The local people in Indonesia are the most friendly people I have ever met. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I’m white skinned, blond and have big tattoo’s (which they seemed to find very interesting) but I have never experienced so many smiles and friendly hello’s. They all want to know where you are from and use the two or three words they know in your language.

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