Indonesia & Thailand – Land

I was escaping my own country, to find myself a month later in a completely different landscape. A landscape which seems really normal after a few days. O another rice field, o some more palmtrees. A view I hope to see from my bedroom window every morning. But every morning it’s the grey dark Dutch clouds.

The last couple of days in Indonesia I was wel aware of the fact that these days were gonna be the last ones of driving the scooter through the rice fields. I enjoyed every minute of it. You need to keep on realizing where you are when you are traveling. I was on the other side of the world. At places most people I know will never see, postcard views.

Away from all the pressure of people asking what I want to do with my life, away from everything that feels familiar. They say traveling makes you spoiled. Because you start experiencing that there is more and you don’t have to have all the luxurious products to survive. It learned me that everything is possible.

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