Kiss My Airs Panel Talk

For a couple of years now March has been a really exciting month for sneakerheads. Nike has claimed this month as Air Max month since the Air Max 1 was introduced March 26 exactly 30 years ago. So this year it’s extra special and many cool events, releases and things are planned. Last week the Patta on Air pop up shop opened. The store is a retail space where all the excitement is going to take place this month.

On Thursday there was a Girl on Air Panel Talk hosted by Sanne aka Girl on Kicks. She invited four female sneakerheads each from a different sneakerhead generation. They talked about on-going developments such as social media, the new/old Air Max 1 shape, the growing part of female sneakerheads in the society etc. It was a cool and inspiring evening with a lot of heat on feet. I even ran into a sneakertwin.

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