Style & Colour Analysis Session

Last April Sara from Styleformation came over to work her magic and collaborate on a style session and colour analysis. Sara is a stylecoach and a super inspirational person. She helps women to create their own signature & bold style and this time she came to help me. Now, I’m not a person who shies away from statement pieces, bold colours and unique pieces, but I must say after lockdown, working from home in sweats for months and working on my personal growth I was up for some new input.

What Sara does with Styleformation is not only look at what colour looks good on you, but she goes through a whole process of what colour brings out the best in you, and what colour represents you, your personality and skills best. So that your outfit really exentuates who you are. But besides that she also helps you to better understand yourself and coaches you in a very sweet and empowering way.
In my case my personal powertype is purper, The Artistiek Entrepreneur. To me that was a crazy revelation as purple is a colour I love deeply.
Besides my powertype colour we also analysed my balance colour, my key to success. Which was vanilla yellow, The Diligent Optimist. This means that I need to find more balance in and work more to get focussed.

After we’ve analysed the colours that suit me best and bring out the best version of me we shifted into the part that I was most excited about; going through my closet and built new outfits with existing pieces. This literally blew my mind. Rediscovering clothes that I hadn’t worn in a long time, finding new combinations and above all I got super inspired to wear certain items that I didn’t know how to wear.
This really opened my eyes and gave my a whole new appreciation for my clothes. It got me excited again to start wearing “normal” clothes and to go out and make new combinations. But above all it helped me bring color back into my wardrobe.

After our session I received a document to help me make colour combinations which is now a file I go to every now and then to get inspired again. Sara also made a shopping list for me of pieces that I missed in my wardrobe or that fitted my colour analysis and needed to add to bring out my full potential more.

I think a lot about my session with her, especially when I’m shopping. I now try to create more balance in my outfits and accentuate my body more, but also use colour in my advantage. So for example lately I’ve been realising that I wear a lot of green, which means harmony and balance. To me that showed that during this period I am very in tune with how I feel and where I am in life. Another example is that when I am going to do something fun and creative I chose purple, to bring out my creative and artistic side more. I’ve also bought this cyaan coloured tshirt (on the left picture), which foccues on my trendsetting side.

If you are looking for a fresh look on your wardrobe and to represent yourself in your outfit the best way you can you should definitely reach out to Sara from Styleformation! I know I’ve learned a lot and work more consciously with the colours and shapes in my outfit. She also shares a lot of tips and inspirational stories on her Instagram.

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